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Bike & Brew

Every week AIM (Almaguin in Motion) hosts a bike tour in the Almaguin Highlands. Dozens of riders of all ages, fitness & skills, and equipment get together to share their love of cycling and the natural beauty of the near north.


We start out from a variety of local restaurants and ride a number of routes. After the ride we share great food, drink, and company at places such as: The Swiss Country House, The Sprucedale Hotel, The Northern Roadhouse and more. There is no obligation to ride farther than you're comfortable with, and any rider can turn back towards the bar at any point. The average AIM rider does a 40 km ride, but many do as little as 15 or as many as 70 km. Please join us any week for a spin around Almaguin and a pint. For more information check our facebook, and join our mailing list.



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